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Royal Landscaping Inc. Is a family owned and operated business since 1987. We are your source for complete year round landscape maintenance. We operate out of Mississauga and have big experience with high quality service and reasonable prices. Having carried out numerous city sized contracts we have the capacity to meet your needs.

We specialize in residential, industrial and commercial properties both free hold and condominium.

Our tree services include;
  • Tree Removal
  • Tree Trimming
  • Tree Planting
  • Stump Removal
  • Deep Root Fertilization
  • Supply of local firewood

Tree care can be a dangerous occupation where hazardous trees are climbed and potentially dangerous equipment is used. Safety is our priority. All of our employees are provided with on-going extensive safety training and regular technical skills upgrades. We are in good standing with WSIB (Workers Safety Insurance Board) and maintain a $2 million general liability coverage.

Common Tree Problems

Canopy dieback:

Sudden death of parts of the tree canopy. Often caused by problems with the roots, such as soil compaction or municipal/residential construction. Urgent help for the tree is needed — the life of the entire tree is in danger! Contact us now


Most fungi form friendly, symbiotic relationships with the tree and are completely normal. But not all fungi is friendly! Some fungi are deadly and can quickly lead to the tree breaking and falling. If you have fungi, call us immediately! The tree can be fall suddenly causing serious damage to persons and property. Negative fungi requires immediate attention!

Hanging Branches:

Dead, broken branches that are still attached or are stuck in the tree need to be removed. Sometimes these branches can be dangerous to people and property underneath. In many cases, it is dangerous to take them down yourself. We have equipment and experience in taking down even the biggest branches safely and quickly. Give us a call, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at both our expertise and affordable pricing

We are trying to spread awareness of a very severe pest endangering all ash trees in the GTA.The Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) has recently been detected in the City of Toronto. The EAB is an invading pest from Asia that attacks and kills all species of ash trees. All ash trees in Toronto are at risk of dying from this infestation. Mortality may occur in as short a period as one year, however, death normally occurs within 2-3 years of a tree becoming infested. The recent tree canopy study estimates that there are 860,000 ash trees in total on public and private lands. The initial areas of infestation detected in 2007 are likely to lose most of their ash trees by 2012. EAB will eventually spread to the rest of Toronto, killing most ash trees in the City by about 2015 – 2017 Permits are not always required to remove a tree. Our staff can better guide you in this process. Below are general guidelines to consider for each municipality.

Brampton Tree By-Law: When Permit Applications Are Unlikely To Be Considered

There are situations when a removal permit application will not be considered according to their tree by-law. Request examples below will most likely be denied in all probability. They are more of a by-product of nature rather than a hazard or burden therefore are considered unreasonable removal requests. City employed Arborists may recommend alternative courses of actions to lessen particular issues listed below.

  • Does not meet your landscaping expectations.
  • A canopy is shading your garden or patio.
  • Roots are damaging sidewalk or your driveway.
  • Blocking lights or obstructing other ground view.
  • Excessive or unsightly falling leaves, fruit, or seeds.
  • Roots are growing into underground utility pipes or line.
  • Fallen leaves fill eaves troughs or block water catch basins.
  • You dislike flying insects or creepy crawly things that are attracted to it.
  • Unable to clean up fallen seeds, fruits, or leaves due to age or physical inability.
  • Roots extruding through to your lawn thereby interfering with grass cutting machines.
Removal Permit Applications Are Considered Under These By-Law Conditions:
  • 30% or more of crown is dead or disease infected.
  • Individual ones are deemed inappropriate for space occupied within given area.
  • City employed Arborist concluded there is one or more major branches posing a potential property or pedestrian hazard.
  • City employed Arborist determines one or more overhanging branches cannot be removed without structural destabilization thereby causing a potential hazard.
  • City employed Arborist acknowledges a history of valid repeat maintenance calls resulting from weak wood conditions and concludes perpetual major maintenance burdens exist.
  • Furthermore, if a removal permit applications are approved they may be conditional on replanting with another.

City of Mississauga by-law is different from other communities. We will guide you through what you'll need to know is spread across 2 PDF documents of a combined 11 pages in total. We recommend reading the 4 page Mississauga Tree Permit Permission Process PDF documentation which will give you a good overview of what to expect. Additionally their full 7 page By-Law Number 474-05 PDF document is recommended for full legal wordings and understanding. Please call us for any questions or estimates.

Toronto Private Tree By-law Article III Chapter 813

Permit Exemption - Work May Proceed Without Contacting Toronto Urban Forestry Services

Under provisions it isn't necessary to apply for an application to injure or destroy one on commercial or residential private property as indicated by Etobicoke tree by-law details outlined in unofficial general terms below.

  • Trunk diameter is under 40 centimetres at a height of 140 centimetres above ground.
  • Diameter exceeds 40 centimetres at 140 centimetres above ground but is 100% dead as per a qualified opinion
  • It is an imminent hazard due to structural destabilization with potential to cause personal injury or property damage.
  • It is considered terminally diseased as determined by a professional arborist having knowledge of differences between casual diseases as compared to destructive ones.
Removal Permit Applications Are Unlikely To Be Approved Under These Circumstances

There are situations when a removal permit applications will be denied. Request examples below may be considered as a burden by some residential homeowners (but a joy for others) and will be rejected. They are more of a by-product of nature rather than hazards. If you are considering putting in a request for any reasons below, save your effort and application money because they will most likely not be approved.

  • Interferes with landscaping expectations.
  • Roots are interfering with underground utility pipes.
  • Expanding roots are damaging driveways, roadways, or walkways.
  • Canopy cover is obstructing street lights (pruning will resolve that).
  • Canopy cover is providing too much shade in an area where you don't want it to.
  • Unable to clean-up falling fruit, seed pods, or leaves due to personal physical limitations.